Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Debating propaganda...

I think we can get caught up in the rhetoric on both sides of any issue—but especially on health care. “Misinformation”, who knows if it is or not? The healthcare debate is so impassioned because health care has such a huge impact on all of us. But what do we really know? I think we can all agree that the convoluted incomprehensible House bill is dead, and as written, wasn’t clear enough to debate anyway. We haven’t really heard what the gang of six in the Senate finance committee has come up with yet. And frankly, none of us can point to any publication or interview that outlines the details of Obama’s intentions to any degree of specificity. Is his goal single payer universal healthcare for every man woman and child in the US, here legally or not? We really don’t know. He may say that’s not the goal to play politics, but I can’t say that I believe him. Obama, Barney Frank, and others have even stated that this round of “reform” is just the first step… So what do we really know? Show me a bill. Show me details. Then we can talk. Don’t try to force through a thousand page piece of crap legislation that was probably written years ago and filed—just waiting for the right opportunity to jam it through. Didn’t Pelosi deliver it to congress at 3 in the morning, and call for a vote the next day? I’m not sure about that, but why the push? It’s probably the most significant piece of legislation in decades, and the Dems want to hurry it through under the radar? We don’t even know how much it would cost!! Why not offer a bill we can all understand and digest, and give us an opportunity to debate it. Give our legislators an opportunity to hear from their constituents—BEFORE a vote. Otherwise, we’re just debating propaganda, and our legislators are voting ignorantly. What good is that?

We call it “Obamacare”, but what really is Obama’s health care plan? He’s on TV practically every day, and all he really needs to do is bring a flip chart and a laser pointer to one of these numerous interviews or press conferences, and actually describe to the American people the details of what he wants to see in a reform bill. He doesn’t. He talks in broad unrealistic platitudes. I.e. “we’ll provide health care to 50 million uninsured, and it won’t add a dime to our deficit.”… C’mon man. Really? How? Stealing from Medicare to pay for Obamacare? There’s more fraud, waste, inefficiency, and corruption in federal government than any other sector of American society, yet Obama thinks that more government will result in less waste? It’s an absolutely ludicrous claim, and yet he gets away with it.

It’s not about health care. It’s not about the environment. It’s not about saving the economy. It’s about advancing the overarching lefty agenda of seizing power away from the people. In the mind of a liberal politician, it’s all about growing Government—nothing more. It’s about taking choices away from private citizens and putting those powers in the hands of government. After all, we all know that the liberal elites are so much smarter than the rest of us, so they might as well be the ones to run our lives. Right? We’re just a bunch of racist, ignorant rednecks clinging to our guns and religion,,,, right Barry? Good thing we have the liberal elite in government to take our money, regulate our industry, punish our greedy producers, and reward our disadvantaged non-producers. But the enactment of this philosophy shouldn’t be called “tyranny”? As the leftist agenda is progressed, American liberty is sacrificed. Why don’t more people see this???

Of course, my opposition to Obama better not get out—I’ll be put on the White House watch list, and get letters from Axelrod. Not to mention that Jimmy Carter will call me a racist. What standing does he have anyway? He was arguably one of the worst Presidents in history, and now he’s given a platform and audience to denigrate our country internationally and our own people at home. He needs to go away.

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Glad you are still writing.