Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Open letter to all Obamamaniacs: Is this really the America you want?

Between the leaning media sources (both ways), the uninformed public (across the political spectrum), and the politicians (both republican and democrat),,,, I suppose that I'm tiring of it all. There's so much bias, so much "spin", and so much [apparent] corruption. It's definitely hard to sift through all the muck to find truth--whatever that is anymore. Even the so-called experts--"scientists", "economists", and "academics" are either paid off or have some political stake in their own findings, so they report accordingly. With enough money, I'm quite certain I could pay off some scientist to purport that the sun will burn out tomorrow! It's a mess.

Americans that voted democrat in the last few years, you've elected the most liberal President in our nation's history, and two democrat controlled houses of congress led by two of the furthest left liberals ever to climb the capitol steps! I guess our ideological differences aren't really that complex. Simply put, I disagree with you on the role of government. You seem to believe that this country is better when government has financial and regulatory control over the masses. When the academic elites make our decisions for us, we'll succeed. I.e. the public is too stupid and the free market is so corrupt that it can't govern itself,,,, so government needs to step in, fix things, and keep the public under their control by taxing more of our income and regulating more and more and more [and more]. Conversely, I would prefer to limit government's power and let the competitive free market govern the facets of the economy that are currently being influenced more by politics than by true market forces. Currently we find ourselves in a "wag the dog" type scenario where a contrived economic crisis, and 8 years of shameless hate propaganda directed at George Bush, offers an unprecedented opportunity for the democrats to push their agenda upon a gullible populace who actually believes that their government can "save" us all--that a modern day savior can descend from the heavens, institute radical leftist policies, and all will be saved. I contend that it's not wall street, nor the Bush administration at fault for our current economic woes. It's not a lack of regulation and oversight; in fact quite the contrary. It's simple economics that private sector firms answer to their shareholders--the almighty bottom line,,, and a fully competitive market doesn't allow for corruption, discrimination, or unethical business dealings of any kind! Corruption, inefficiency, discrimination, "corporate greed", etc. all result in decreased profits, shareholder upheaval and even bankruptcy if the CEO isn't able to right the ship. Plain and simple--all without government intervention. If banks, airlines, car makers, whatever,, were allowed to fail when they make poor business decisions,,,, then the efficient firms (ones that don't need government bailout) would succeed--as they should. This is how a competitive free market works. Don't people understand this??? I simply don't understand why anybody in this country would want to diverge away from the principles on which it was founded (free markets, personal responsibility, liberty, personal freedoms, limited government, property rights, fair taxation, capitalism, risk/reward etc.) towards a society of government involvement and control over practically every walk of life--public and private. Obama is systematically dismantling the very system that allowed for this country to become great. Why can't people see this?

The aforementioned "spin" has perverted our history as well, and therefore precludes us from seeing the fact that in no case over the course of history has socialism ever worked. And folks please,, please tell me that you know in your heart that the Obama "vision" is that of huge government, redistribution of wealth, nationalized health care, nationalized energy, regulated markets, exorbitant spending, and government mandates on practically everything. If that isn't European style socialism, I don't know what is! Is that really the America that you want?

I know that all you Obama disciples have great affection for the man. I can completely appreciate and understand that--I mean, of course liberals want a strong, attractive, articulate intellectual to lead their charge both domestically and abroad. But you seem to be more concerned with how he looks and sounds at the podium rather than what he stands for. What about his policies? His vision? I simply can't support a man that believes HIS style of socialism will work, despite all its failures since the beginning of time. Similar to George Bush, Barack Obama seems to be drunk with the power of the office he holds. It's that kind of hubris that may directly contribute to the downfall of America as we know it. It's already begun with the passing of his $800 billion spending bill. Also similar to Bush, I think that Obama is acting according to his belief about what is best for America. But where Bush flexed his authority with increased military spending and (perhaps) extreme national security measures--all to keep us safe; Obama is flexing his political muscle with unprecedented spending on government programs intended to fund his liberal agenda of growing government--policies that our grandchildren will suffer from decades down the road. And frankly, I believe that's exactly Obama's hope.

Once Obama successfully orchestrates a system where practically every single citizen depends on the government for personal welfare in some way, shape, or form,,, he'll have us where he wants us. He, and other liberals like him, will enjoy the luxury of knowing that the voting public will be compelled to vote them back into office year after year, just to ensure their government sponsored entitlement won't go away. Everything from student loans to welfare checks,, bailouts, health care, insurance, energy, transportation,,,, you name it, it will be controlled by the feds. And we'll find ourselves in a pseudo-dictatorship under the guise of democracy--an unrecoverable slippery slope. Once the die of entitlement and public dependence is cast, it won't be reversed. "I don't like paying 70% of my income to the federal government, but I need the "free" health care that the democrats are offering." "I can't afford to go off the "free" health care, because the government has made it financially impossible for any private firm to compete with their form of nationalized health care." "It sucks,, I have to wait months for everything, and my overall quality of care is far worse than it used to be, similar to every other country that has nationalized health care, but it's all there is, and I depend on it, so I guess I'll have to vote democrat again this November." "I want a FREE education." "I want a FREE house." "I want FREE money in the mail to pay for my groceries." "I want the government to get a better job for me." (All things that the democrats promise.) (All things on which I depend.) "In fact, I can't decide what kind of car to drive, or what kind of light bulb to put in my house,,,, good thing the democrats know best--they can decide for me!" And you people call right wingers fascist? Come on!!

I'm typically not a conspiracy theorist,, nor a sky-is-falling panic monger. But I do see the writing on the wall. I see that America is moving towards the failing socialist European model and perhaps even beyond. The political winds are ripe for the liberals to push their agenda like they've never done before--a perfect storm of widespread panic, hatred for the last administration, unified houses of congress/executive, blind media support, political clout, and a hopeful gullible public. Unfortunately, when Obama's snake oil policies fail to produce the results he's promised, and the pendulum swings back to the right, we'll be bogged down in a quagmire of failed policy and well-established public expectations of entitlement. I'm sorry to say that the future is bleak at best. Through the course of history, government has never been the reason for economic recovery. It's the people, their ingenuity, their original thought, their motivation, their innovation, and the resulting productivity that saves a nation from economic peril. When more and more of that motivation is taken away with increased taxation on profits/income,, when more and more of that innovation is stifled with government regulations and mandates,,, and when laziness, lethargy, apathy, and non-production is rewarded with government handout,,, we find ourselves in a circumstance where productivity is punished, and idleness is rewarded. Not a recipe for recovery. Not a recipe for successful economic growth, progress, or increased quality of life. I'll ask you again, how can you support a man whose policies are taking the nation down this road? How can any sane person not see the direction he's taking this nation? Furthermore, how can anybody of reasonable intellect and logic see the direction we're headed, and still cheer on the man at the helm?


Anonymous said...

Back from the dead and better than ever! You should have been writing throughout the election. What have you been up to??

Anonymous said...

I'd support the Palin-Ernest ticket in 2012.

Runner's Heart said...

Hey Caddis Fly -

Get to writing!

I was just shown a funny youtube clip and thought I would share it with you... not to get you riled up or tick anyone off. Maybe it will inspire you to write something.. about Prop 8, Obama and minorities, Neil Patrick Harris, The Bible, or the economy. Here's the link:


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